...you know, the artsy one with the cool closet :-)

When you work with us, you work with your best friend...

Then, we design a timeless brand to match - a brand that sparks double-takes. 

We get to know you to understand what makes you, you.

We're the branding studio that gets it.

Ellie Grace Creative

I *pinky swear* I won't bore you... 

Hey girl hey!

I'm Ellie, CEO of Ellie Grace Creative, suuuuper chill human (not biased) and lover of all things art, fashion, fitness, travel, chocolate and caffeine.

I'm an extroverted introvert who loves running (quickly), snowboarding (poorly), booking spontaneous trips, making people laugh and being an absolute wEiRdo with my friends...

...almost as much as watching an episode of 'Broad City' solo...with a (LARGE) bowl of Cafe Rio...and maybe a (hard) kombucha in hand...

Let's be best friends already.

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...toooo much ;-)

get artsy with us.

For the entrepreneur who's ready to turn their personality into art.

You have something others don't...


For the entrepreneur who’s ready to give their business the online stage it deserves.

...let's capture it.

Web Design

For the entrepreneur who wants words that spark trust, laughs and $$$.


For the entrepreneur who wants brand photos that feel bold, aligned and absolutely bad-ass.

Creative Direction

You have something others don't...let's capture it.




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